Major Accomplishments

The Drama for Success program has had several major accomplishments. The program was successfully used to tutor a group of fourth grade students who attended The Dr. Rose B. English public school. Numerous best practices (learning strategies, jigsaw, cooperative learning strategies, role play, case studies, and numerous other strategies) were used to help students improve. There are three self published books by the founder Ruby Frazier.

Drama for Success is unique, because the owner Ruby Frazier has over 15 years of leadership and teaching experience in the New York City Public School system and knows how to motivate students to excel in academics and social behavior. She is a creative thinker who has already used many aspects of the program for the past five years. All of the instructional learning strategies are research-based and meets the criteria that are set up under the No Child Left Behind Act. She is a critical thinker and understands the value of working hard to improve student achievement and the need for rigorous lessons that will meet all of the students needs.