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Back to School Biz

Hello Educators,

Guess you are wondering where is the summer going to so very quickly.  In just four plus short weeks school will be back in session and your class will be filled again with students who are there to learn, socialize, and all other hidden agendas. Getting the school year started on a positive note is extremely important for everyone.  So how do you get off to a great start? Glad you asked.

First, self care is very important.  Make sure you are well rested and have plans for your students.  Second make every effort to get to know who your students are, not just their names, but one personal thing about them.  Take the first few days to learn one positive thing about them.  Make the time to say something good about them before they show their hidden agenda.  Lastly, a good name game to play is the adjective one.  It takes about 10-15 minutes depending on your class size and is well worth the investment of time.

For more tips or guidelines on the adjective game, post your thoughts. I would enjoy finding out how it is going for you and other ways that I can support you.