Drama for Success is an innovative program that uses drama education to support all learning and teaching styles.

Drama for Success engages students, teachers, parents, and community to make learning fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Learning is presented through interactive workshops that use drama techniques such as role paying, improvisation, skits, and appropriate scenarios to teach concepts.

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About Drama For Success

Drama for Success has a creative and unique approach to teaching and learning. The program offers a series of customized workshops that teaches students reading strategies, conflict resolution skills, character development, and professional development workshops...

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Major Accomplishments

The Drama for Success program has had several major accomplishments. The program was successfully used to tutor a group of fourth grade students who attended The Dr. Rose B. English public school...

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DFS Sessions

Each class will receive three sessions of instructional time a week for a total of fifteen sessions forty five minutes each over a six week time frame. Instructional books are available and schools or individuals will have the option of purchasing books...

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